Steven Adams Doesn't Appear To Be A Melo Fan

These days a burner account is the way to go if you’re going to talk mess online. See Kevin Durant, Bryan Colangelo, and maybe Hassan Whiteside — but Steven Adams isn’t about the burner life, as he used his own Instagram to like some Carmelo Anthony slander over the weekend.

A Russell Westbrook IG fan page posted the following photo Sunday, with the caption, “Who’s more valuable to OKC?”

This may seem like an innocent post to promote a Russell Westbrook circle jerk, but Adams spiced things up in a big way by liking a comment that stated, “All of them except Melo.”

The person who threw shade at Melo made sure to give Adams a shoutout for the like:

Thank u for liking my comment steve i really appreciate it. Huge fan by the way. @stevenadams

Is there beef between Adams and Melo? Possibly. Melo cursed him out back in March after a defensive blunder, and the two do not follow each other on IG so it isn’t a reach at all to assume so.
Carmelo has the choice of opting into the final year of his contract and making $27.9 million next season, or get the hell out of OKC and make less money elsewhere. We now know what the Kiwi is hoping for.

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