Warriors Fans Are Giving J.R. Smith Plenty Of Love During Game 2

Are there any positives for J.R. Smith to takeaway after pulling a DeAndre Jordan during Game 1 of the NBA Finals? For the most part, no. Cavs fans hate him, LeBron stans believe he’s ruined the King’s legacy, and perhaps worst of all, he’s getting meme’d to death on the Internet.

This will likely be J.R.’s darkest professional timeline assuming the Cavs aren’t able to pull off a miracle and win these Finals. But on the plus side, Warriors fans really appreciate the brain fart, so much so that they gave him a rousing ovation during pre-game introductions:
Those were followed by an absurd MVP chant when J.R. went to the free throw line for the first time:
Gonna go out on a limb and say J.R. will not have to pay for drinks in the Bay Area ever again.

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