Nick Saban And His Players Got Stranded On A Boat In The Middle Of Lake Tuscaloosa

It’s that time of year again. Nick Saban grabs a few of his best players for a ‘leadership weekend’ where they head up to the lake and he takes them out on his boat for a little tubing. Usually, he takes them up to his Lake Burton house in Georgia, but it appears this year they settled for Lake Tuscaloosa. I think he’s done this every year he’s been at Bama, so this is nothing new. It’s the one weekend out of the year that Nick lets his players have fun.

This year, they ran into a little boat trouble. Actually, not even boat trouble. They just forgot to fill the thing with gas all the way. This blew up yesterday afternoon after Tua threw up a video on Snapchat of Saban and his teammates stranded out on the middle of the lake with an empty tank.

I don’t want to get too ahead of myself here, but this is very un-Saban-like. You might want to take this into consideration heading into the season come August. Are they going to prepare for the season like they prepared for the lake? I think we should have this discussion. Are the champs getting too big of a head?

In case you were wondering…they eventually got gas and are not still stranded out there

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