Nick Saban's Annual Alabama Football Lake Weekend – PHOTOS

It’s that time of year when Nick Saban heads to his Lake Burton compound to take his deserving Bama players tubing. This isn’t anything new. He’s been doing it for years. The big news this year is that Saban wore his Yankees shirt for the photos.
Nick was way more relaxed this year compared to 2014 when he went with a Bama polo.
As for what it’s like to boat with Nick Saban, you’ll notice that he’s all about safety. Life jackets. No screwing around. Photos on the dock. Don’t distract the driver while he’s pulling around 5-stars on tubes.
The one thing I’ve noticed lately about Nick is that he’s smiling much more than ever before. It almost seems like he’s losing his edge. I get that he’s 63 and there are only so many more years of being seemingly unhappy with the world. I’m just not sure if Bama can win national titles with a smiling Saban.
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Buy a Texas Longhorns Tailgate School Bus (w/ a beer tap) — $10,000
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