Philly Fan Who (Allegedly) Punched A Police Horse Is Suing The Eagles And Two Cops

Remember this kid who was arrested before the NFC Championship for (allegedly) punching a police horse, which somehow happened to be the second police horse punched by an Eagles fan over the course of two weeks? Well, it looks like he’s completely turning the tables on this situation and is suing the cops involved in the incident, along with the Eagles organization.

TMZ has the details:

The man who allegedly punched a police horse outside a Philadelphia Eagles 2018 playoff game is suing the team and police … claiming he was brutally beaten by cops for NO REASON.
And he’s adamant he did NOT intentionally punch that horse.

Tornetta says cops then provided a misleading statement to investigators — saying he punched the horse — when in fact, he never intentionally struck anyone … human or equine.
On top of the injuries, Tornetta says he was “demonized on social media and internet sites reporting upon his assault on police and his cruelty towards an animal.”
Tornetta is suing the two cops involved (a State Trooper and a Philly PD officer) and the Eagles organization — claiming the security officers weren’t properly trained.

So he’s claiming he didn’t intentionally punch the horse and since this was the second police horse punching incident over a short period of time, these cops unleashed holy hell on him. I don’t know how he proves his case here seeing as the video of the incident from only shows the aftermath. He did get his charges dropped and did some community service as a punishment. I guess the only reason to sue here is if he truly believes he’s innocent.
We’ll keep this updated, but I find it hard to believe anything comes from this. Also, I’m still not sure how the Eagles organization factors in here.

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