Bill Belichick Is A Chick Fil A Guy

I’ve been through this process a few times at Chick fil A. You pull up to the window and a smiling face. The drive-thru worker greets you, reads off your order before asking for payment and then smiles again. From the look on Bill Belichick’s face, that order doesn’t appear right during a recent stop which is completely shocking. I mean, there are times when fil A screws up my order, but it’s something like potatoes instead of a fruit cup. It’s something I can live with.
Bill is clearly confused by a couple of things here:
(1) the young lady is clearly too nice and Bill isn’t used to a smiling face from the other side of the field
(2) the order doesn’t sound right; look at his head shake a bit
Now let’s move on to something I’ve had to deal with for like a couple years now. Chick fil A went to a breakfast burrito with potatoes inside instead of the peppers and onions. I’ve said it a million times, YOU’RE ALREADY GETTING THE POTATOES ON THE SIDE. Maybe they weren’t selling because people were so picky because of the peppers and onions. I’m perplexed by that.
I’m going to need fil A execs to offer an optional breakfast burrito with the peppers and onions. It’s only fair to those of us who don’t want those potatoes.

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