Eagles Fans Can’t Stop Punching Police Horses

This is Andrew Tornetta…..He was arrested yesterday at The Linc for punching a @PhillyPolice horse..This is the second time in as many weeks an @Eagles fan has punched a horse…. pic.twitter.com/IIGF0AgcXq

— Joshua Crompton (@PhillyNewsGuy) January 22, 2018

Another week, another Philadelphia Police horse assaulted by an Eagles fan.

If the face of Andrew Tornetta above looks familiar to you, it’s because he’s the same guy who was left bloodied after a parking lot altercation before Sunday’s big game. According to Fox 29, cops claim Andrew became violent after refusing to leave a parking Lot M outside The Linc and punched both a corporal and his horse:

The corporal had given verbal commands for fans to leave the area, when one person refused.

The corporal began to lead that man, identified as Andrew Tornetta, away from the crowd, again ordering him to leave.

At that time, police say Tornetta became combative verbally, and the corporal grabbed his jacket to maintain control of him but slipped out and was grabbed by his sweatshirt.

Police say Tornetta then struck the officer’s horse twice with his fist in the horse’s right front shoulder, and then struck the corporal in the face, just below his eye. The officer suffered redness and swelling to his face.

NJ.com, of course, had the footage of the horse puncher getting caught by police after his failed escape attempt:

Andrew is now facing multiple assault charges (aggravated and simple) for his alleged scumbag behavior.