Ohio State Makes Running Back J.K. Dobbins Pay For Doubting LeBron

You can’t blame J.K. Dobbins for thinking LeBron probably won’t pull out another Finals W out of his ass. Did you watch that SNL sketch from a few weeks back? They pretty much nailed the Cavs roster that LBJ is working with. But with that said, what LeBron is doing right now is otherworldly and doubting him probably isn’t the smartest idea.
I mean, we have actual NBA coaches who wouldn’t be surprised if he averages FIFTY in the Finals.

So this is what happens when you say that around the Ohio State program, who you all know LeBron is a fan of and the college he would’ve chosen had he not jumped straight from high school. They’ll move your locker to LeBron’s locker (I guess he has a locker?) and make you think twice about saying that again.

Dobbins went on later to clarify his statement after he mixed in a workout in a #23 shirt. Deep down he knows he’s right, we all know he’s right. The Cavs aren’t winning this series. But it appears you better keep that to yourself when you’re walking around that training facility.

Looks like they also gave him his own very special Warriors training room table as well

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