Now It Looks Like Bryan Colangelo's Wife May Be Behind The Sixers Burner Accounts

What a story we have here right before the NBA Finals start. I almost wish it could’ve waited until the middle of summer when nothing is going on so we could really dive deep into this. It’s too bad the Finals are probably going to bury this over the next two weeks.
But for now, we may have some new information with regards to Bryan Colangelo’s burner accounts. To catch you up, The Ringer published a story that linked Bryan Colangelo to five burner Twiter accounts that trashed Sixers players while also serving as Colangelo’s anonymous hype man. He admitted to one of them, denied the rest and now the Sixers are doing an independent investigation into it. That alone is one of the wilder sports stories you’ll ever see. Now we can add another wrinkle to it: his wife may behind the other accounts!
Thank God for Sixers Twitter who has been going DEEP into this over the last 48 hours. Last night, they came across some clues that all but prove Colangelo’s wife, Barbara Bottini, was behind at least 3 of these accounts, including the ones that were really going hard after players.

Now, this could very easily still be Colangelo just using his wife phone number and email to try and disconnect himself a little bit, although it clearly didn’t work. It also wouldn’t surprise at all if this was actually his wife spitting that fire on Twitter. We’ve seen this before. Remember when Goodell’s wife got caught mixing it up last year? It’s not out of the realm of possibility.
What a story. What a wrinkle. I hope the Sixers are dumb enough to not fire him so we can carry this into the summer.

Here’s a good recap of what these Sixers internet sleuths have determined so far

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