LEEBS Is In San Francisco For The NBA Finals…CAVZ Can't Lose Now


It’s a question I’ve been asked a million times on social media during this NBA season: ‘Where’s LEEBS?” Folks, I’ve asked LEEBS time and time again on social if he was banned by Dan Gilbert and his Quicken Loans Arena minions for past behavior in the arena. There have been LEEBS ejections. LEEBS won’t say a word about his absence, but he did make an official statement that he’s in San Francisco and will be at Game 1 and 2 at Oracle.
This officially has me locked in for Game 1 and 2. 100%. This is the kind of multi-millionaire steel magnate who will go on Stubhub and get incredible seats. I predict he’ll be right behind the Cavz bench or front row. He’s been saving up his powder all season for this. It’s time to unload.
For those of you who are new around here, LEEBS founded a crazy successful steel company called Majestic Steel in Cleveland. He made a fortune in steel, maybe did a little foot modeling back in the day and now he’s living his best life on Miami Beach slaying models from around the world. He has a massive contemporary house in Cleveland that he usually uses during the summer, but I haven’t seen photos from there lately so it’s possible he’s given up the Ohio summer life. You might also see LEEBS posing for photos while holding limes. I’m told he does that for good luck. That’s a fairly strong primer for LEEBS.
And yes, LEEBS is my No. 1 target for a podcast guest. I’d rather have him than Tiger Woods, Favre, etc.
Now, speaking of unloading, if you haven’t been keeping up with LEEBS on IG, it seems as if he’s been unloading on the ladies of San Francisco. Here’s one I can’t post — company rules. LEEBS has locked his IG so you’ll need to hit him up to see his S.F. ladies.

Back when LEEBS dominated at Cavz games:


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