Chris Simms Says Josh Allen Is Killing It At OTAs

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How many games does AJ McCarron start for the Buffalo Bills in 2018? 12? 16? Or maybe none at all if you are to believe former NFL quarterback Chris Simms, who hyped up rookie Josh Allen quite a bit during a spot on the “Simms & Lefkoe podcast.” And when I say “quite a bit,” Simms couldn’t help but drop the Carson Wentz comp.


“I had a member of the media up there first tell me and then I talked to somebody involved in their organization. Josh Allen is blowing people away. I mean blowing people away. It sounds like a Carson Wentz thing. I think everybody is blown away by the mental approach, but practice is eye opening like we said it would be.”

“They’re just blown away,” said Simms. “It’s the coaches, the players, everybody. It’s one of those type of things again where I thought about Carson Wentz when I first heard it. Because those are the things I heard in Philadelphia. And I can remember Fletcher Cox actually telling my dad like, ‘No, no when Carson is out there, the defense kind of gets up and watches him cause we’re always like damn, that was unbelievable.’ And I’m hearing those same type of things from Josh Allen. It’s wowing on all levels right now.”

It’s worth pointing out Simms has always been a big Allen fan. He told Dan Patrick before the draft that he thought the Wyoming product was the best quarterback available, claiming he has both the highest ceiling and floor.

Get hyped, Bills Mafia!

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