I Think Josh Allen's Girlfriend Brittany Williams Will Fit In Just Fine In Buffalo










With the news this week out of Baker Mayfield’s camp that his girlfriend, Emily Wilkinson, would be leaving her job and moving to Cleveland to start a journey with Bake, I instantly started thinking about Brittany Williams, girlfriend of Josh Allen, living that Buffalo life. Look, it’s not the first thing I thought of, but you get the idea. I started wondering how a California girl like Williams would fit amongst the wildcats who call Buffalo home.
Then I see Britt today on IG slaying the margarita game with one of her friends. I didn’t investigate too much, but it looks like Britt and the girls attacked L.A. with the vigor of a top 7 draft pick girlfriend. I also started thinking how Rachel Bush doesn’t seem to have any issues living the in-season Buffalo lifestyle. She adapted. She’s like 20. And let’s not forget that Katherine Webb-McCarron will be in town temporarily until Allen is given the starting job.
If Williams keeps slaying the margs, Buffalo is going to fall in love with the future First Lady of Buffalo Football. Let’s say she takes a stroll around a Mafia parking lot and slams some drinks with the boys. Go ahead and erect a statue. Go ahead and put her in the Buffalo HOF.
From the look of things, she’s on her way to big things in Orchard Park.



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