Joel Embiid Is Out Here Dunking On Random Fans In A Philadelphia Park

Joel Embiid and the Sixers have been out of the playoffs for about two weeks now and it appears all he’s been doing turn his time off is letting out some frustration by taking some normals to the rack. Just last weekend he was in the Bahamas with one of the Sixers owners and was dunking on people. He also found himself playing pickup on an outdoor court with a few old white guys.
He still had time for the IG models as well.

Now he’s back stateside and he’s still out here embarrassing average citizens. Yesterday, apparently we had some shit talking Philly fan playing pickup in a park, which sounds about right. Embiid stepped on the court and that ended exactly how you’d expect.

I kinda love Embiid using his downtime to dominate a bunch of normals. That’s exactly what I would do in my off-season. How much fun must that be? The dude is 7’1″ and at least 260. I can’t imagine a much better feeling than using that to destroy any and every fan that runs their mouth.

He also thought about firing off some tweets last night during Game 6, but probably chose wisely

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