Houston Fan Has Some Words For Ayesha Curry Following Rockets Game 5 Win

via Jose G. Camargo/Facebook
Ohhhh buddy, Houston is feeling it. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing because we all know things could turn bad quickly when you’re dealing with Golden State. One minute you have the series in hand, the next they hit you with a bukkake of threes before you even knew what happened and they’re on their way to another Finals. But Houston is sitting on a 3-2 series lead heading back to Oakland, so you might as well fire off that trash talk while you can. This could be the only opportunity.
This Rockets fan found himself in the presence of Ayesha Curry after the game and let her have some words. Nothing bad, just some good old-fashioned shit talk. He didn’t get personal or anything. It’s probably not the most polite thing to stick a camera in Ayesha’s face immediately after the game, but I’m going to let Rockets fans have this one.
Although, he better watch out for Dell. Watch for the death stare he sends directly into this guy’s soul.
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She’s ready for the bounce back. No “the NBA is rigged” comments this time around.

This fan definitely should’ve just shimmed in her direction

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