Jocelyn Chew Was Joel Embiid's Bahamas Buddy

It sure looks like Joel Embiid and┬áJocelyn Chew, an Icelandic/Chinese Canadian model, have something heating up because this weekend Chew was on the private jet to the Bahamas with the 76ers fun machine. Embiid & Chew are playing the ‘we’re just friends’ card on social, but I’ve got a couple bucks at a New Jersey sportsbook that Joel is playing this cool because he doesn’t want the IG model to get too clingy this summer while he’s having fun.
This reminds me of a Gronk move. You have the IG model(s) around, but there’s zero chance you’re going to let any of them get comfortable because you’re 24 and these thirsty IG models want to snag you in a trap. The good news here for Embiid is that Jocelyn has a modeling career and seems to be on the road for work. PERFECT. One minute Jocelyn is on the private jet, the next minute she’s flying 1st class on some modeling contract to Europe and won’t bother you for a couple weeks.
This Embiid guy clearly has things figured out. Never been a bigger fan of his than I am right now.
[HT: SportsGossip]


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