Paige Van Zant Confirms She Got A Boob Job With A Hall Of Fame Quote

The internet rumors have been HOT recently around Paige Van Zant and her fun bags. Ever since she dropped the first two photos in our gallery above with those bad boys out and proud, there’s been nonstop speculation about a boob job for Paige. One day she’s posting photos of the old Paige we know and love, and the next, she’s standing in a kitchen with a couple of hangers. It’s not totally unreasonable for people to have some questions.
But she was cool about it yesterday when TMZ asked her straight up if she got any work done. She came right out and confirmed it, along with a fantastic quote. Her boobs never came, she has money, so she bought some. So what?

Paige VanZant tells TMZ Sports … the boob job rumors are true — and it’s really no big deal.
The UFC star’s chest has been the topic of some Internet debate recently … even Michael Bisping weighed in on the issue on a podcast.
Now, Paige wants to set the record straight once and for all … telling us, “Yep, I did get a boob job.”
She continued, “I’m a girl and always wanted my own boobs. They never came so I bought them.”
So, how will the new additions affect her day job? They really shouldn’t …

This shouldn’t have any effect on her fighting career, as TMZ and others have pointed out. There was another female fighter, Pearl Gonzalez, who was stopped but eventually cleared to fight after she got a pair of new jugs. The only thing Paige has to worry about now is a Charlotte Flair situation. You don’t want one of those things exploding after taking a flying knee to the chest or something.


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