Charlotte Flair Set For Surgery After She Ruptured Her Breast Implant

Here’s a sports injury you don’t see often: someone forced to miss a significant amount of time because their breast implant exploded. That’s what we have here with WWE superstar Charlotte Flair. Chalk this one up to the “it is a sport” crowd because no other place than the WWE will you see somebody need emergency surgery for a popped titty.
For those who aren’t up to speed on their WWE, Charlotte Flair is Ric Flair’s daughter (obviously) and has pretty quickly risen up the ranks to be one of the best female wrestlers out there. She seems to always be headlining the main female events and has some big scheduled events coming up this summer, which is now up in the air after
PWInsider has details on the broken boob: 

Charlotte Flair will be undergoing surgery to repair a ruptured implant, has confirmed.    One source believes Flair will undergo the surgery following the WWE European tour that kicks off this week.
The ACE Comic Con announced earlier today Flair would be missing their Seattle event due to the needed surgery and that she will be replaced by Carmella.

I’m not sure what the pain situation is like when this happens, but it appears she can wrestle through it, at least until the European Tour ends. The main thing all the wrestling people seemed to be worried about is if she’ll be back in time for the women’s Money In The Bank match in mid-June, which will be a couple weeks after she gets the surgery.

Looks like she’ll have 11 matches with the ruptured implant before she can get it fixed


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