Couple Of Classy Ladies Wrestled In The Mud At The Preakness

Looks like everyone had a good time at the Preakness despite the rain, fog, lack of sun for what turned into a mud pit in Baltimore. I know Danny was all over this earlier today, but he missed a great ladies singles match in the mud featuring a couple of classy ladies who were eventually joined by a third classy lady in the mud ring.
Just when you’ve started to lose faith in society, along comes the sorority and frat bro community to snap you out of it. Good bless them for making the Preakness a fun event for those of us on social media who need content to turn into posts so we can justify our jobs. This weekend was a stellar performance.
Now comes the bad news. There are hints that the Triple Crown just might pull the Preakness out of Pimlico. From the Baltimore Sun:

Ritvo suggested that the Stronach Group would prefer a race at Laurel Park, but he said the company is willing to consider the options once the state has released a study exploring the economics of keeping the race at its traditional Northwest Baltimore home.
“We’re not looking to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into a facility here and continue to renovate Laurel,” Ritvo said. “I’m understanding of the city and the historical value of the race being run here. But at the same time, from a business perspective, we struggle to see why you would rebuild [Pimlico] when you have another facility [at Laurel] that you’re putting a lot of money in for day in and day out racing that actually gives a better experience.”

Sounds like the Freakness days at Pimlico are numbered.


Watch A Couple Of Preakness Bros Brawl It Out In The Mud
Watch A Couple Of Preakness Bros Brawl It Out In The Mud
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