Mia Khalifa Took A Puck To The Boob At Caps-Lightning Game 4











I think the last time we checked in on our old friend Mia Khalifa she was getting tossed from a playoff Dodgers game last fall. You guys know she’s always in the mix in the sports world since retiring from her last career and I think she’s in the process of finding her next gig after she left that digital sports show with Gilbert Arenas.

So who knows what’s she has planned next, but she did make an appearance at the Capitals-Lightning game 4 last night sitting right on the glass. As hockey fans will tell you, sitting on the glass is prime puck territory and you always gotta have that head on a swivel. Mia clearly did not last night as she said she took one right off the silicone during the Caps loss.

Apparently, some people questioned the physics of this happening with her being right up on the glass and all. She responded with a reminder that her previous career makes her very recognizable so she obviously wouldn’t lie about it. Who knows, somebody get statcast on this to see if the launch angle works out.

I’ll leave you with this

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