Mia Khalifa Was Tossed From Game 1 Of The NLCS











Look who it is back in the news. It’s the internet’s favorite (or loathed depending on who you ask) sports fan/former porn star/athlete DM exposer, Mia Khalifa.
Just last week the internet went nuts when it looked like Gilbert Arenas flipped the script on Mia and finally exposed her DMs. Turns out, it was just one giant publicity stunt for their new sports show together.

That means we’re taking this next video with a massive grain of salt because who knows what’s real or not anymore. From what the video shows, it looks like Mia Khalifa was definitely kicked out of Dodger Stadium last night during Game 1 of the NLCS. That seems true. The reasoning is what’s sketchy. The tweet says she punched a fan in the face who was trying to take a selfie with her, but there’s no way of knowing how legitimate that story is.

Mia’s response?

That’s Wilson Contreras, one of the players who slid in her DM’s

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