Man Arrested For Threatening to Kill NBA Commish Adam Silver

Aspiring baller David Pyant really wants to play in The Association. In fact, he wants to step on the same hardwood as Bron Bron, Steph Curry, and Boban Marjanovic so badly that he allegedly sent NBA commish Adam Silver an aggressive letter stating he make it happen or he’ll shoot him up.
According to the TMZ, the threaten your way into the NBA strategy didn’t quite work out as Pyant was arrested last Friday:

“If you don’t let me play, I’m going to come up there and kill you with my f*cking gun,” David Pyant allegedly wrote in an email sent to NBA offices … police sources tell us.

We’re told Pyant was arrested on May 11 and charged with aggravated harassment. A judge granted a temporary restraining order requiring him to stay away from Silver.

The report notes Pyant, who has 13 prior arrests, was released without bail so the commish might want to hire some muscle just in case this crazy tries to follow through.

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