LeBron Flexed His Incredible Memory During Postgame Presser

LeBron and the Cavs were severely outclassed during Sunday’s Game 1 against the Celtics. The Celtics did their usual thing and played team basketball, while LeBron played one of the worst games of his career — 15 points, a +/- of -32 (worst on the Cavs), and five bricked threes. Skip Bayless easily has all the material he needs, and then some, to dance on LeBron’s grave until Game 2.
That being said, LeBron did log an impressive postgame W by showing off his amazing LeMemory during his presser. After being asked “What happened” to start the fourth quarter, LeBron went ahead and did the smartass thing of recounting literally everything that went down:

We fact checked LeBron to make sure he wasn’t BS’ing on some of those, and sure enough he remembered every possession:
via ESPN
That LeBron is one smart fellow. One minute he’s getting mocked by everyone, the next he’s getting praised for having a photographic memory and spinning us away from that curbstomping.
Sidenote: How about that shade directed towards Jordan Crawford Clarkson?

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