Shameless ‘SportsCenter’ Dedicates Entire Top 10 to LeBron’s Game-Winning Shot

Screenshot via ESPN

ESPN should have had no issues populating their Saturday night SportsCenter “Top 10” segment with a solid variety of plays from the sporting world. LeBron‘s game-winner over Toronto, Gennady Golovkin knocking out another poor soul, Marco Belinelli sending 76ers-Celtics to overtime, Al Horford’ game-winning layup, Khris Davis’ walk-off bomb, probably something from the NHL playoffs, Justify winning the Kentucky Derby — you get the idea, this is an easy ****ing job.

What did ESPN decide to do instead? Nothing crazy or biased at all… they just took LeBron’s crazy floater and inserted it into every spot. An absolute joke of a move unless you’re a Cavs/LeBron superfan who needs to see that shot in 10 different angles:

The Cavaliers don’t play again until Monday, so you might be able to see some non-LeBron stuff on ESPN if you haven’t already cut that chord.

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