6 P.M. SportsCenter Up 9% In April….Numbers Are Up Since WokeCenter Ended It's Run

via ESPN
What if I told you the numbers for SportsCenter were up year over year since ESPN eliminated WokeCenter? They are. You guys kept asking for a lot less Woke with your 6 ET SportsCenter, the SportsCenter you used to watch to get the latest news headed into those 7 ET start times. You used to get that info you’d use to make your bets. You used to watch the 6 ET SportsCenter just after getting home from the job you hate and it was your release while cooking up a killer dinner for your hot girlfriend you met at volleyball down the street at the bar.
WokeCenter is gone and suddenly the old timers must be flocking back because the numbers are up and people seem to be enjoying less Woke because March was up and then April got all dickk tease with a double-digit year over year. A strong May and SportsCenter executives in charge of the new SportsCenter will be throwing a rager.
From ESPN’s PR department:

April’s 6 p.m. SportsCenter averaged 526,000 viewers, a nine percent rise over the 483,000 average for April of 2017. The growth for April followed a four percent year-over-year rise in viewership for March.
“The 6 p.m. SportsCenter has focused on including breaking news as well as an emphasis on ‘setting the table’ for the night in sports,” said David Roberts, ESPN vice president, network content, who oversees SportsCenter’s 6 p.m. program. “The response from viewers has been fantastic, as April’s increases indicated an appetite for coverage of the biggest stories in sports, such as: the Masters, the NBA and NHL playoffs, the return of MLB to Puerto Rico and the lead-up to the NFL Draft. During the playoffs, the show takes on even greater importance in informing fans.”

Remember when ESPN started running the WokeCenter commercials literally every commercial break, just ramming it down your throat that they were going to be so Woke that you’d be Woker than Woke after watching that 6 ET WokeCenter. It was beyond ridiculous and then we were treated to a bunch of Woke.
It’s not even about agreeing or disagreeing with the politics presented…OUR BRAINS ARE FRIED OVER THIS STUFF BY 6 ET. WE’VE ALREADY BEEN BEATEN OVER THE HEAD FOR LIKE 12 HOURS ON TWITTER, FACEBOOK, AT WORK, AT THE GYM…JUST GIVE US SPORTS…and then eventually it had to end for Jemele and Michael.


The ridiculousness of all this…they took SportsCenter at 6 ET & turned it into a Woke or Not Woke situation…terrible:

Then the promo business:

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