The Jaguars Will Be The First NFL Team With A Dog Park At Their Stadium

Just when you thought the Jags had outdone themselves by putting in a pool at their stadium and serving teal hamburgers during the playoffs, they go an add a dog park to EverBank Field. Finally, you can bring your dog to a football game where it can take its afternoon dump just feet from the hundreds of fat, leathery shirtless men and just yards from the mayonnaise belly flop contest in the parking lot.

EverBank Field is becoming the stadium of gimmicks and I don’t hate it one bit. Let’s just let Jacksonville have the minor league baseball stadium of the NFL. Pool, dog park, you could put a ferris wheel somewhere and run wacky promotions each week. I’m all in on this.

No other details about the dog park yet, other than there being a “water feature”. I’d hope so in the middle of Florida.

Patriots come to town week 2…perfect spot for Linda and Nike

The Jags also released new jerseys today…finally got rid of that awful helmet

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