Jaguars Tailgate Features A Mayonnaise Belly Flop Contest
The Bills are away this week, so it looks like Jacksonville is coming into this Sunday with a ‘next man up’ mentality. Somebody has to cause some debauchery at the tailgate this morning and thank God Jags fans came to play this morning.
We’re still not sure why exactly this happened, but I’m not complaining. Content is content is content. If that means some drunk idiot needs to go swimming in some mayonnaise before noon, then so be it.

As disgusting as it is, I respect the guy for going all out. From the Batman mask to the ripping off the pants to the speedo, this dude was all in 100%.

It’s a party in Duval… imagine if this team was actually good

Meet Natalie From Louisville
Meet Natalie From Louisville
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