Von Miller Says He's Been Traded To The Browns On April Fool's Day


Wow! Looks at the Browns wheeling and dealing some more this off-season! I don’t know how they did it, but somehow they just landed the best pass rusher in the league in his prime, with four years left on his contract. What did they do, trade the #1 and #4 picks? That can be only logical trade scenario here, right?
The funny thing about this is that people on the internet will most definitely fall for this little April Fool’s prank. Even though literally every year on April 1st we see these jokes. Do people really think Von is going to be out here on Easter Sunday breaking his own trade news? Where’s Schefty and Rapaport with the scoop?
And for anyone who may be skeptical or any Browns fans who pooped their pants a little bit with excitement, this guy shuts all of that down pretty nicely.

I love good a good April Fool’s joke if it’s thought out and done properly. It needs to be elaborate and planned. Just throwing out some fake news on the timeline isn’t going to move the needle for me anymore in 2018. Sad that people will fall for it.

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