We Had A Pair Of Opening Day Fan Fights In The Dodger Stadium Nosebleeds

The weather is warming up, the birds are chirping, the grass is green, America’s past time has returned and Dodger fans are fighting in the bleachers. Nothing says welcome back baseball like some hands being thrown at Dodger Stadium. A true tradition.
These fans are picking up right where they left off in the World Series. No time wasted for these people, gotta stay on brand.

We couldn’t even get through game 1 of 162 without a couple of brawls breaking out in the nosebleeds yesterday afternoon. We’ll start with the first fight above. Not sure how it all started, but some guy ate a barrage of punches like the rest of us ate hotdogs yesterday. It looked like your typical bleacher brawl between a couple of guys who probably¬†drank 100 beers in the parking lot before first pitch.
Now to the good stuff: a couple of ladies mixing it up. A rare sight, but always a good one.

Remember, the Dodgers are playing the Giants this weekend, so I’m actually very surprised that neither of these featured a visible Giants fan. We all know the history between these two fan bases. But nope, just Dodger fans going at it with each other two separate times.¬†Happy Opening Day!

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