Dodgers Fan Hops Into The Astros Bullpen, Lands Right Into The Arms Of Dodger Stadium Security, Is Arrested

If you feel asleep before the end of game 2 of the World Series last night, you missed out on one of the most bonkers baseball games you’ll ever see. It was one that people will talk about for a while. Crazy drama, home runs back and forth all night, extra innings — it was everything you could want in a World Series game.
And for some reason, in the middle of this unreal game, this Dodgers fan apparently decided that he was having enough and would basically eject himself from the game. Right after Carlos Correa put the Astros up 2 with a bomb in the 10th, FOX cameras cut to the Astros bullpen where a fan had apparently jumped in and was in the process of being dragged out of there.
It didn’t take long before the video from the bleachers hit Twitter so we could get a better idea of what happened and so we could all witness maybe the dumbest fan ever.

Right over the railing and into security’s arms and right to jail. Too bad he missed that ending.

Here’s more backstory… apparently this guy wanted to fight a security guard

USA Today has more details on this moron:

Torres said despite the efforts of the woman who attended the game with the man and nearby Dodgers fans, he continued the verbal onslaught. The man continued to act up even after the guard in the bullpen asked him to settle down.

A law enforcement official told USA TODAY Sports the the guard in the bullpen called for the man to be ejected and he jumped in the bullpen to go after the guard. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the incident.

 “I thought he was going to come toward me and then he just jumped the fence,” Torres said.

So instead of acting like an adult and not trying to fight everybody, you hop into the bullpen to fight a security guard and miss one of the great World Series game endings. Got it.

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