A-Rod’s Girlfriend Crashed the ESPN Baseball Booth

Jennifer Lopez made quite the power play during tonight’s Giants-Dodgers game by dropping in on the ESPN booth to hang with her man, Alex Rodriguez, for a bit. This seems like an impromptu move on J-Lo’s part, but we’re guessing ESPN loved the fact that they got an A-lister on screen for like 30 seconds:

A-Rod FUCKS pic.twitter.com/4ES1sTyylc

— Chuck Naso (@ChuckNaso) March 30, 2018

One game in and the A-Rod, Jessica Mendoza, Matt Vasgersian trio is already paying off for The Worldwide Leader! If ESPN really wants to make these chance J-Lo appearances not so random, they should just schedule more games in LA, New York, and Miami. Just throwing out ideas for the season.

As for news on the A-Rod and J-Lo relationship, the two seem be going strong as E! Online reported they recently dropped $15.3 million for an apartment on Park Avenue. A gaudy figure no doubt, but not so if you happened to make around $20 million annually during your playing days and have a high-profile partner.

A-Rod seems to be enjoying his new gig: