A Shirtless Diamondbacks Fan Ran Onto The Field During Opening Day

The Dodger fan fights were the stars of Opening Day yesterday, but let’s not look past this Diamondbacks fan who popped his top off and took a stroll on Chase Field. If you closely you’ll see he wrote “Super heroes never die” on his back in Sharpie.
Last year, we had a D’Backs fan make his way onto the field and the security guard had a quick flashback to his high school football days. Should’ve known Arizona would be the fan base that corners the “fan on the field market”.

If you want to look at this from a positive angle, at least this kid is giving the Chase Field security their money’s worth. Game 1 of the season and they’re already chasing down drunk idiots. I hope they did some off-season conditioning. Gonna be a long season, boys.


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