Meet The Girls That Marlins Man Brought To The Mets-Marlins Marathon Game

The Mets-Marlins game last night went 16 innings, lasted well over 5 hours, and one man was able to still steal the show. That would be Marlins Man. You guys know who he is by now. He’s the super rich lawyer who travels to all of these sporting events sitting in the first row and rocking his bright orange Marlins gear.
He’s also known for his generosity and when he goes to these games, he likes to bring people and buy their tickets. Last night he didn’t just bring ordinary schmucks like us, he brought a couple of smokebombs to sit with him right behind home plate and distract anyone trying to watch that game.

Marlins Man is winning the game of life.

Twitter was loving it

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Meet Erin From Arizona
Meet Erin From Arizona
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