The Diamondbacks' Bullpen Cart Made Its Grand Debut Last Night

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Something meaningful happened in a spring training game Monday night as the Arizona Diamondbacks threw it back to the good ol’ days by debuting their much-hyped bullpen cart. That’s right. Lazy-ass relief pitchers who don’t want to jog in from the bullpen can rejoice, because these modified golf carts are officially operational. Former ESPNer Cindy Brunson was in attendance at Chase Field and caught footage of it in action:

The New York Times wrote about the Diamondbacks’ bullpen cart Monday:

But the most celebrated newcomer of 2018, at least for nostalgic fans over 40, can be found in the bullpens at Chase Field in Phoenix. They are EZ-Go golf carts, with an outer shell made to look like a baseball with a black Arizona Diamondbacks cap on top. Yes, the bullpen cart, that charming vestige of the 1970s, is back.

Alas, the Diamondbacks have hired four game-day staffers to drive the cart, and so far, the only add-ons are logos for On-Trac, a shipping company based in Chandler, Ariz., that signed a six-figure sponsorship deal. Derrick Hall, the Diamondbacks’ president, said pitchers would have the choice to be driven from the bullpen or trot in, as usual.

From a pace of play standpoint, it looks like the cart didn’t hurt the cause as the game lasted less than 2.5 hours. (Though it’s worth pointing out the Indians didn’t score any runs so that certainly helped.)

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