Georgia High School Game Includes A Bruschback Pitch On A Called Timeout

Let’s go to Wheeler High School just outside Marietta for a game Friday night against East Coweta High School from southwest of Atlanta. I’m not an expert on Georgia high school baseball like you guys are, but something tells me when these two get together there’s always the possibility of having a few fireworks.
And then things get interesting during a routine ‘The pitcher is taking too much time to make the pitch,’ called timeout that is granted.
And here comes one right at the earhole.
According to the East Coweta account, the batter, Brayden Carey, is being recruited by military service academies and knew charging the mound could cost him dearly. As for the rest of the game, East Coweta won 12-11.

Good for this kid. Seems like he gets it.

There Are Reasons Youth Can Outshine Experience
There Are Reasons Youth Can Outshine Experience