Jimmy Garoppolo And Alexandra King Hit Up Disneyland This Weekend…Looks Like They're Official







When Alexandra King posted the above photo with her and Jimmy GQ for Valentine’s Day, it was still up in the air on whether this relationship was the real deal. That one photo was the only evidence we had that they were a couple, along with some rumors floating around the interwebs.

Then Jimmy hit up Vegas last weekend with a fresh $28 million in his bank account was spotted at the pool with his top popped off looking chiseled and spitting game to some ladies, leading us to believe that the newly highest paid player in the NFL was doing the smart thing and living the single life for a bit. Turns out that’s not the case.
Fresh off his Vegas trip, Jimmy was spotted this weekend by TMZ having a lovely day at Disneyland with none other than Alexandra King. When Disney gets involved I think we can call this official now. They probably shared one of those giant turkey legs and when that happens, it’s a wrap
So that puts an end to that. Jimmy Garoppolo is officially off the market, ladies. A fat new contract and a girlfriend. It should be fun to see how long this lasts.

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