Jimmy Garoppolo's Girlfriend is Alexandra King?









There’s no doubt 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is the hottest jersey in Bay Area sports right now — that’s just how it goes when you go 5-0 as a starter and become the league’s highest paid player as a result. But we’ve got some bad news for prospective gold diggers looking to sink their fangs into the
the guy the Daily Mail called the “most eligible man in the NFL” — Jimmy GQ might be taken.
A model by the name of Alexandra Rose posted a picture with Jimmy after Valentine’s Day with the caption, “My Valentine.”
The word on these two from Sports Gossip:

According to the tipster Jimmy Garoppolo has a girlfriend that he’s been dating since his time with the New England Patriots.
Her name is Alexandra King and she’s a model from the Boston area. As you can see from the picture above the two did spend Valentine’s Day together.

We apologize for ruining the Sunday of women and men across San Francisco. The plus side? Maybe the two aren’t exclusive. SFGate did report in December that he has no wife or girlfriend in a slideshow article introducing fans to their new signal caller.
[H/t Sports Gossip]

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