Jimmy Garoppolo Is In Vegas The Same Weekend He Gets His $28 Million Signing Bonus

Remember that fat contract that the 49ers gave Jimmy Garoppolo after the Super Bowl that immediately made him the highest paid player in the NFL? Well, his signing bonus kicked in this afternoon, as you see reported by Field Yates, to the tune of 28 MILLION DOLLARS. That direct deposit must be nice.
Even better, guess where Jimmy G is spending the first weekend of March Madness? Of course it’s Vegas. It’s literally the only respectable place to be after getting almost 30 mil put into your bank account. It looks like he arrived yesterday, which gives him enough time to get warmed up at the sportsbook or blackjack table before you can REALLY go hard tonight.
I can’t imagine what that party is going to be like this weekend.

Jimmy may or may not be locked down with a girlfriend right now. It’s still not confirmed, but you have to imagine this is a boys weekend. Gambling, drinking, 28 million dollars. Those things don’t go well in Vegas when you wifed up.

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Someone Should Probably Sign Colin Kaepernick