Amazon Prime Can't Be Serious With Its Michigan Football Documentary Chronicling Its 8-5 Season

I about fainted when the above tweet came across my Twitter feed this afternoon as I was getting ready to watch Sam Darnold throw footballs on NFL Network. Of course you can’t take anything from a parody account serious so I fired up the Google search machine to see if this news about Amazon Prime releasing a Michigan football documentary series was indeed true.
Annnnnnnddddd it’s true.
That’s right, Amazon Prime users — which is pretty much everyone in the United States — will get a documentary on an 8-5 team that had some of the worst production out of the quarterback position in Michigan football history. was all over it:

Amazon Prime announced on Tuesday a new documentary series following the Michigan football team will be released on April 6 exclusively on its on-demand video network.
All eight episodes of “All or Northing: The Michigan Wolverines” will be made available on Amazon Prime. It chronicles the 2017 season for Jim Harbaugh and his team, and includes glimpses into the lives of the head coach, several players, including Rashan Gary, and the build up to and day-to-day inner workings of last season.

Maybe we’ll find out what happened to the Fergis Connolly, Harbaugh’s boy, that led to his bowl game hiatus and eventually getting canned from the athletics department after a wild DUI at 11:50 a.m. on a Monday.

From documents obtained by the Detroit Free Press, it looks like Michigan made $2.25 million for allowing Prime’s production company to shoot the series. They were rewarded with three straight losses to end the season.

It’s weird, I don’t see a single second of Ohio State in the trailer:

I hope they show the Ohio State game where Dwayne Haskins came in and shredded those fools.

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