Let's Check In With Deion Sanders & His New Hairline After Hair Transplant Surgery


Deion Sanders is having himself a big week. On Monday he was going through hair transplant surgery in Chicago getting that Brian Urlacher hairline replacement procedure where it looks really weird for a few months, unless you’re Deion’s head and I didn’t even realize he was bald via genetics. I just assumed he shaved his head.
Anyway, Deion’s been going through some deep stuff and then continued his heater today by getting into it with Titans safety Kevin Byard  (@KB31_Era) over Neon’s declaration that Honey Badger is the best safety in the game. 

Prime, just out of transplant surgery, thought Byard was some know it all fan, not an actual All-Pro 1st teamer:

Of course it started a huge conversation amongst the blue check world:

Look, I feel like everyone needs to calm down here and realize Deion went through some traumatic stuff this week with his head. His brain clearly isn’t working like it would be in-season. He needs some rest, some quiet time fishing on the Prime homestead pond and maybe a little time to get his feet under him.
Deion’s RTs and comments are all over the place tonight. Leave him alone until he gets right.



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