Uh Oh…Michigan Football Director Of Performance’s DUI Wasn’t Your Run-Of-The-Mill DUI

Remember Fergus Connolly, the Michigan director of performance and director of football operations who got a DUI at 11:50 a.m. on a Monday? Of course you do. That story went nuts last week. Well…the newshounds in Michigan went searching for the police report and finally got their hands on it. To say it’s a trainwreck for Fergus is an understatement. This guy turned in an all-timer and is lucky his face wasn’t rearranged by the cops who had to deal with his (alleged) drunk ass.

Remember, this all happened on a MONDAY MORNING. Jim Harbaugh wrote the forward for Fergus’ book. That’s how high-level he is/was with the Wolverines.

From MLive:

The director of performance for the University of Michigan athletic department resisted police, grabbed a security guard’s throat and bit a lab technician after his arrest March 5 on suspicion of drunken driving, a police report states.

Fergus Connolly, 40, also told an officer he would “put him in a wheelchair,” according to the police report.

It would probably be best if I put this into bullet form so you guys can see the highlights…all alleged…gotta make sure I have that in here so I don’t get fired or sued:

• Fergus crashed his SUV; Tahoe missing a front tire

• The SUV might be a university vehicle

• Refused a breath test, denied he was drunk

• Shoeless, bloody feet, incoherent

• Found shoeless standing in a snowbank, leaning against a tree talking on his cellphone to a university cop

• No wallet or ID; had no idea where he’d come from

• Injuries to his arm, feet and stomach

• Told officers “Do not do this to me,” and “F**k off”

• Resisted arrest multiple times, including at the station where he took an open hand swing at an officer

• Police took him to the hospital where he took another swing at a cop

• He was handcuffed to a bed, but sat up and grabbed security officer by the throat

• Fergus was put in restraints but bit a hospital worker; didn’t break the skin with the bite

• Made $255,000 in 2017