Gronk Spent His St. Patty's Day Crashing A Bachelor Party Dressed As A Giant Leprechaun

Gronk was spotted in public for the first time really since the Super Bowl yesterday, which is also the first since these retirement rumors have been¬†making waves on the internet. It was in typical Gronk fashion. It was either going to be him at some event for a new endorsement deal he’s slinging or dressed as a giant leprechaun and crashing a bachelor party on St. Patrick’s Day.
CBS NFL writer, John Breech, who’s was having said bachelor party Gronk crashed, sort of got some retirement news out of the tight end. But not before he dropped a 69 joke, of course.
After saying he might be playing for the 69ers next season (classic), he apparently told a Pats fan that his retirement is still TBD. Remember, this is an overheard conversation at a bar during a bachelor party. So, take this information with a grain of salt.

The latest reports regarding Gronk’s retirement had the Patriots expecting him to return next season. Now it seems like it might still be up in the air.
Either way, it’s nice to see Gronk back doing Gronk things.

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