Big Baby Davis Responds To Arrest Reports With A Video Of Him On A Private Jet Eating Popeyes With A Briefcase Full Of Cash


Yesterday reports surfaced of Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis’ early-February arrest that popped him with possession of 126 grams of weed, a briefcase full of cash, and a ledger with names and amounts owed on it. Basically, it was the holy trinity of things you want to find to bust a drug dealer.
But instead of taking some good advice and laying low for a bit – you know, maybe let your attorneys handle the situation – Big Baby drops this absurd video of him from a private jet eating Popeyes with a briefcase full of cash next him. Along with his Celtics championship ring. Totally the actions of somebody innocent.

This has since been deleted from his Instagram. This is what he had to say:

Don’t believe that shit on the internet. I will have my day in court. They just mad because a black man got money. Just trying to keep a black man down.
My shit legal, man. Jump shots. A whole lotta jump shots.

Either Big Bay has gone totally off the rails or we’ve just found our new greatest heel in the sports world. I hope this man is stable because I wouldn’t hate more of these cocky-ass videos from private planes. However, if he’s gone totally wacko, it’s not as fun.
Innocent until proven guilty, so I guess I’ll believe him for now. Whole lotta jumpshots.

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