Bills New QB AJ McCarron & Katherine Catch Commercial Flight To Buffalo…That City Got A Good One

I’ll admit I was completely wrong about AJ McCarron’s NFL career. I said it wouldn’t last more than 15 minutes and then he’d be the former national title winning Alabama QB signing autographs at oil change shops around his home state. Then the Bengals drafted him and I thought it would be less than 15 minutes of fame. I was thinking 10 minutes.
Then Andy Dalton got hurt, McCarron came in at the end of the season, was more than competent and then nearly pulled off a win against the Steelers in the 2015 playoffs. Mike Brown couldn’t quit Andy Dalton, Hue Jackson goes to Cleveland, tries to get A.J., the front office forgets how to run a fax machine and McCarron’s stranded in Cincinnati begging to be awarded free agency.
Now here we are with AJ and Katherine McCarron flying commercial (can’t tell if that’s even first class) to Buffalo where he’s about to become the Bills QB to beat out on a two-year deal that’s going to make him the toast of that city. Buffalo bros are high-fiving each other at the bars right now (10:40 a.m. — saving seats for fellow bros who get off work at noon) for March Madness.
You know what Buffalo bros like? They like their QB flying commercial. I don’t even have to listen to Buffalo sports talk today to know that this will be a hot topic and a point of pride.
From the Buffalo News:

The deal is worth $10 million, with a $6.5-million upside based on playing time, according to Pro Football Talk.
The Bills still are fully expected to make a quarterback a first-round pick in next month’s draft. However, with only second-year man Nathan Peterman on their QB depth chart, they needed a more experienced arm.

The Bills hold the No. 21 overall pick in the Draft.

BTW, I’m waiting to hear back answers to these questions from Rachel Bush:

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Josh Allen's Girlfriend Brittany Williams Looks Ready For The NFL Draft Green Room