Josh Allen's Girlfriend Brittany Williams Looks Ready For The NFL Draft Green Room

Do you need more proof that Josh Allen can be your franchise quarterback? You looking for maturity? Josh Allen’s officially been in a relationship with girlfriend Brittany Williams for one year. ONE FULL YEAR. No drama. No deleting each other on IG (that I know of). No tabloid blowups. NOTHING.
The two made the big announcement last night in dual IGs. That’s right, we’ve entered the era where franchise QBs announce their relationship anniversaries on IG and it makes me feel like my team should trade up, tell Andy Dalton to take a f-ing hike and draft Josh Allen, but we know numbnuts Mike Brown would never do such a thing so I don’t have to worry about Josh winning me a Super Bowl.
That was a long sentence. I was feeling it right there.
Anyway, it’s great to see that Brittany is primed for the NFL Draft. She recently finished up her career as a Fresno State cheerleader and can now focus on starting a new life in some city where here boyfriend will be looked upon to win 60 games over his first five seasons. No pressure, kids.
Brittany reported last night on IG: “My 8 year old crush turned out to be my boyfriend a few years later i love you! #1yeardown #bae”
Josh has clearly passed the maturation hurdle. You don’t see this kind of insider info out of Schefter. That’s why BC exists. You actually need to know this stuff before your team drafts.

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