Triggered 12 Rips Seahawks Corners Neiko Thorpe, Michael Tyson For Anthem Protests

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In a move reminiscent of pissy Steelers fans back in September, a woman in Renton decided to spend a portion of her weekend chewing out Seattle Seahawks players Neiko Thorpe and Michael Tyson outside the team facility for protesting the anthem. The problem here? The Seattle Times’ Bob Condotta reports neither Thorpe nor Tyson took a knee, raised a fist, or stayed seated last season. Who needs facts before ripping into people you don’t know, am I right?
Go ahead and watch this moron, who believes her taxes are used to pay the salaries of professional athletes, scold the corners in the video below:

Gotta love her asking the players for their names while not willing to divulge her own information. We’re assuming she was ready to take this nasty diatribe onto Twitter or Facebook.

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