Johnny Manziel Got Some New Ink

So Johnny Manziel has had himself an interesting weekend, to say the least. He ignited a random feud with Michael Rapaport by posting a picture of the former Barstooler resembling a clown, he got himself a new guard dog (see above), and to top it all off, some fresh ink a couple weeks before his Spring League debut.

Now Johnny has made waves in the past for getting drug-related tats, but we’re happy to inform prospective employers in the NFL or Canada there are no xanny bars this time around, just a massive eye. He took to IG story to show off his tattoo artist at work:

“Only the beginning,” Johnny captioned. Looks like there will be work to be done on this arm:

via JManziel2/Instagram

As a reminder, the Spring League begins March 28 so we’ll get to see rejuvenated Johnny pretty soon. Maybe he’ll impress enough to land himself on a practice squad… you might have heard he’s willing to play for free these days.