RG3 And Grete Sadeiko Marry In Miami






It’s been a little over a year and a half since we broke the news that RG3 would be divorcing his first wife and baby mama, Rebecca Liddicoat. Literally that same week, it broke that he had moved on this hot blonde track athlete Grete Sadeiko out of Florida State. This all happened during Browns training camp in 2016 aka the last NFL roster RG3 has been on.
Since then, football hasn’t quite worked out for Robert, but he’s been crushing it in the love department. These two lovebirds have been content machines since they got together. There have been borderline fights at the FSU track, plenty of social media sweet talk and let’s not forget Grete pointing out trees for Bob to throws footballs at. So many memories.

Last May, they announced their pregnancy and engagement from a Fort Lauderdale beach. In July, Grete popped out a baby. Yesterday, they officially locked it down forever in Miami.
Now Robert is officially back living the married life again. Hopefully, this one works out better. Let’s not forget, RG3 was the rookie of the year and one of the best young QBs as a married man. Just saying.
Now that the wedding festivities have concluded and the wife is happy, all attention can now turn to RG3’s comeback. Time to throw at some more trees.

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