Finally A Legitimate Question For Baker Mayfield: What Beer Do You Drink?

Finally…a legit question from the NFL Combine Question Carousel. What beer does Baker Mayfield drink? Completely within the rights of NFL teams to want to know and good job by Baker giving a legitimate answer, not necessarily one I believe, but at least it’s an answer.
From MMQB:

He faced question after question about that arrest and a handful of other off-field incidents. And then there were the head-scratchers—one team asked Mayfield what sort of beer he drank (his answer: Michelob Ultra or Dos Equis).
But there were two major questions about Mayfield coming into the combine: Can he make the throws required of a franchise quarterback? And does he have the temperament of a franchise quarterback?

Mich Ultra? I’d almost draft him No. 1 overall if that’s true. I’m sure NFL teams have investigators in Norman asking bartenders. For some reason, I get the feeling Baker drinks vodka. Just a hunch. Easy to conceal from campus nerds taking out their phones at the bars. That’s how I’d roll. Vodka = water, boys.
As for the Browns, GM John Dorsey came out with a heavy hitter question.

Right off the bat, before the handshakes and intros, and before the Heisman trophy winner sat down, Dorsey in his booming Southern Maryland drawl fired one across the bow.
“So you like food trucks?”
Early last year, Mayfield was arrested after fleeing while being questioned by the police over a fight that occurred amidst a cluster of food trucks in Fayetteville, Ark. With Dorsey’s jab, everyone had a nice laugh at Mayfield’s expense, Mayfield included.

I’ve already put my Internet career on the line. The Browns are taking Mayfield.

Baker Mayfield being arrested:

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