Pretty Sure Baker Mayfield Announced His New Girlfriend Is Emily Wilkinson

It appears Baker Mayfield went to California for the Rose Bowl and has a new girlfriend, an IG model named Emily Wilkinson from the Internet famous Wilk(inson) family. Her brother, Sammy Wilk, is of Vine fame. He’s currently sitting on 1.9m Instagram followers. The Wilks are also doing some music things, social media influencing things, etc. You get the idea, it’s 2018.
Anyway, Mayfield had been popping up in Wilkinson IG stories since Monday’s game. Now comes the pic below that seems to indicate that these two aren’t cousins.
What does it all mean for Mayfield’s future in the NFL? No clue, but it seems to indicate that he’s not going to have a quiet offseason between now and the Draft. It’s not like the Wilks sit around and read books to pass the time. They produce content and Baker seems to be a guy who enjoys that life.
And I’m grateful to Baker for doing this. We’ve been desperate for a guy who isn’t a robot since Johnny flamed out. It’s not like Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold are moving the Internet needle. They’re not making breakfast burritos for the Wilks after a night out at a Clippers game.
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