Muhammad Wilkerson’s Mother Called Into WFAN To Defend Her Son Against A Jets Reporter

Wilkerson is getting some terrible advice. The last place he should be near given his issues with alcohol is Bourbon Street/French Quarter. Who is advising this guy?

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) March 8, 2018

The tweet above from New York Daily News beat reporter, Manish Mehta, last night has just sparked one of the more Jets stories you’ll ever see. We had a mother vs. beat reporter battle on morning sports radio today and it comes courtesy of the Boomer & Gio (formerly Boomer & Carton) show on WFAN.

Last week, the Jets released defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson and this week, he’s been on free agent visits with different teams. After RapSheet reported that he would visit New Orleans, Manish fired off what most would consider a pretty reckless tweet about Mo Wilk having an issue with alcohol.

Now, instead of sitting back and letting her son get slandered by some Big J nerd, Mama Wilk decided to call into WFAN this morning and let her feelings be known. She was having NONE of it.

Some quotes, via Sporting News:

β€œHe goes out just like everybody else,” she said. “Yes, he’s been late. … He’s never had a DWI. He’s never admitted to be an alcoholic. Do I think he has a problem with alcohol? No, I don’t.

I think we can all agree that Manish was out of line on this one. But I definitely want more of this. Give me more moms getting in the mix with reporters and critics. We’ve seen plenty of wives go this route (what up, Miko!), but rarely do you see mamas going to battle for their son. Love it.

This is the surreal life: Mo Wilkerson’s mom is now calling in to @WFAN660 to yell at @MMehtaNYDN and his critiques of her son. #freeagentfrenzy

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) March 9, 2018

If you want to hear Manish defend his tweet, you can hear that below